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Contact management and CRM for workgroups. Based on client-server architecture
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22 October 2009

Editor's review

Platoo-Contact is the only real time solution with its fully featured interface to manage and organize your contacts in the best way.
With this electronic solution to organize and mange all your personal and business contacts you will not look for any other contact management utility again. This advanced tool also proves to be an ideal CRM software product. The tool with its advanced interface will easily add, edit and manage contacts, users and will grow along with your business. Simple and easy to use interface of the tool allows you to search and sort with a customizing ability one can create various decision making reports. Other features included are; survey making extra module, TAPI support, MAPI support for sending e-mails, inbuilt real client-server architecture for speed, power and reliability and much more.
The tool also supports free technical services and user compatible languages like; English, Estonian, Finnish, French and German.

Publisher's description

Platoo-Contact is fast and powerful contact management and CRM software product, that lets you and your company manage all the business contacts and activities you need. Platoo-Contact will grow with your company - you can add new users according to the growth of your business and the software can track and analyze your communications with many thousands of business partners in it's database. Various search and sorting capabilities, combined with custom classificators, give you ability to design and produce a lot of different reports you need to make right decisions. Extra module for making surveys. TAPI support lets you make phone calls and detect incoming calls Caller ID. MAPI support for sending e-mail(s) directly from Platoo-Contact. Real client-server architecture assures speed, power and reliability. User interface languages: English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German. Minimal hardware requirements. Practically service-free. LITE-version available: free for max 2 users.
Version 1.6.9
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